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The curriculum is an organic whole, meeting the developmental phases of the student with techniques and subjects that bring balance, wholeness, self-knowledge, and confidence. The goal is to nurture the free human being, eager to take his or her place in the world and ready to work to make it better. Watershed High School meets or exceeds Minnesota graduation standards in all subject areas.

Requirements are:
Language Arts4.2 Credits
Science3.5 Credits
Social Studies4 Credits
Math3 Credits
Arts1 Credit
Electives7 Credits
Community Service40 hours
 Senior Project1 project during senior year
  • English, social studies, science, and mathematics are organized as quarter-track classes.
  • Arts and all other electives are also scheduled as quarter-track classes.
  • One credit equals approximately 160 classroom hours.
  • The state requirements for science are 3 credits of which 1 credit must be biology, 1 credit may be either chemistry or physics and the third credit is at the student's discretion.

Because Watershed High School exceeds Minnesota standards in some subject areas, students who transfer late in their high school career may find it necessary to take additional credits during summer school to achieve a timely graduation. If transfer students are unable to meet credit requirements in art, world language, and/or community service due to differing curricula at their previous school(s), credits within these subject areas may be adjusted in light of individual circumstances.